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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The First Captain America: Isaiah Bradley

Isaiah Bradley, I loved doing this piece. It sometimes seems that putting a Black man in a position to represent our nation is a forward thinking, non traditional, almost oxymoronic figure in our culture. That was part of the fun doing this charecter. In his story Aficsn Americans are still looked upon as less than human and there were open laws in place to keep people like him from having the same rights and privileges as any white white male, native born American. But, he so proudly wears the colors of his nation because he is embracing the contributions his people have given to it, and feels he can add to that in a major way. Sometimes that's more patriotic than just waving or in this case wearing a flag on your body and fighting Nazi's. Fighting for the ideals of your nation whether they are being fairly given to you or not in hopes that one day they can be. 


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