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Monday, June 6, 2016

As more Indy projects come along, the occasional Zenescope gig and the constant hope to work with some freinds in creating some really good IP's, I have started a graphic novel that has been tapping at my heart to do for few years now. What your looking at is the first 3 pages of NAZARETH. a graphic novel I'm  developing that tells an interpreted story of Jesus Christ. Visually this book will be a departure from how this story has ever been told before, a sort of side universe where culture, technology, religion and politics have taken slightly different turns. Now i will say the bible and the history of that time has a heavy influence on this story, but what i hope to do is reflect a bit on how many issues Christ faced and spoke against in that time relate to us and now, hopefully in a different perspective than what we feel we know of it.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zenescope Entertainment Deathforce Cover

Cover for Deathforce #1 from Zenescope entertainment 

Colors by Jorge Cortes 

Click the link below for the speed video of how I drew it 

Thor Vs Thor

Some test pages I finished for a publisher some time ago. Hope you enjoy. 

I remember in doing this that I wanted to add some Nordic designs and styles to it. 
Thor is suppossed to be an alien like God of thunder that Nordic people worshiped for a real god, so I figured there had to be some influence of that alien culture on the Nordic people as well.

Review for Grimm Tales of Terror issue 8 the monkeys paw

Great review the book I did formGrimm tales of terror, monkeys paw is one of my favorite stories, I'm glad I got to add my name to echelon of story tellers who have told this story

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Test your might!!!

2015 has been a interesting year, I've worked worked with some incredible people. Robert Jeffrey, Erica J Heflin, and colorist extraordinaire Omi Remalente Jr. These creators have made opportunity to tell some fun stories that felt awesome working on. For Robert Jeffrey ( creator and writer of Route 3 for Terminus Media) his third issue for Route 3 I had an incredible time drawing. I felt like my work was getting good enough to tell the story in a way that would be worthy to it. Robert writes this epic story that spans across his own backyard of Atlanta, GA. 

Omi once again made my work stand with his beautiful color palette, not only with Route 3 but with Erica J Heflin for here crazy space opera Space Pussy Cat .

 I never thought be enjoying drawing a Sci Fi story but Erica tells the story in such a way you would be crazy to not enjoy it.