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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Test your might!!!

2015 has been a interesting year, I've worked worked with some incredible people. Robert Jeffrey, Erica J Heflin, and colorist extraordinaire Omi Remalente Jr. These creators have made opportunity to tell some fun stories that felt awesome working on. For Robert Jeffrey ( creator and writer of Route 3 for Terminus Media) his third issue for Route 3 I had an incredible time drawing. I felt like my work was getting good enough to tell the story in a way that would be worthy to it. Robert writes this epic story that spans across his own backyard of Atlanta, GA. 

Omi once again made my work stand with his beautiful color palette, not only with Route 3 but with Erica J Heflin for here crazy space opera Space Pussy Cat .

 I never thought be enjoying drawing a Sci Fi story but Erica tells the story in such a way you would be crazy to not enjoy it. 

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